b.l. richards
a short biography

Born and raised in Anaheim, CA, b.l. richards has been secretly stashing stories in the cobwebbed corners of his mind for over 30 years. Little did he know that just like his grandmother, keeping stuff and never throwing it out can have drastic consequences.  Now that he has opened the vault, he doesn't know where to put it all. 

Not until he finished college at Cal State Fullerton, did he figure out where his destiny lie. And not until he went through life's little trivialities like death, love and having the poorest career of all: freelancing, did he figure it all out has he landed a job as a private investigator.

With some actual hard boiled experience, stories of all kinds became his life's blood. He's even written a few film noir musicals that have been performed in some dark alleys of Hollywood. 

He has kept his skills sharp by writing for a local newspaper and a magazine or two but is going full speed ahead on publishing his first novel, the first of many to come.